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Thank you for your interest in Cheryl’s keynotes. Cheryl shares her journey with warmth, passion, and authenticity with her audience. Her story will inspire your group or organization to truly think about all possible choices.  

Below are three of her signature keynotes. 

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Today, with the rise of social media, we are inundated with people’s opinions, advice, and = ‘so-called’ expertise on how we should live and the choices we should make. It leaves us confused, battling self-doubt, and deferring life choices to others.

Cheryl will share with  you how to go within, to dive deeper into choosing what is best for you.

When you begin with you, your personal and professional life will always be in alignment. This keynote will leave you with the insight for making better choices.

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Cheryl shares her journey of trying to find a work/life balance while working 2 jobs, going through a divorce and juggling motherhood as one of her children struggled through more than 21 surgeries. Never losing sight of her goal and caring for her family, she grew her business to over 800 employees in 20 states. This keynote will leave you filled with hope and determination to achieve your goals. 

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Cheryl will share how she never imagined becoming a leader as she carried around a bucket and mop to make extra money. You never know where opportunities will lead. Cheryl now leads a company of over 800 employees in 20 states.

We typically make choices without giving much thought to short, or long-term implications. Often, we pretend we have no choice at all. This keynote will leave you with more clarity, confidence, and courage to step into your destiny.

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